Burning CAN Give Back

At this year’s Burning CAN Beer Fest, we drank good brews, boogied to killer music and enjoyed good eats. Now it’s time to give back to the CAN’d Aid Foundation. CAN’d Aid was slated to receive proceeds from Burning Can, yet once all tickets were refunded, any hope of a significant contribution went out the window.

Let’s rally together to ensure CAN’d Aid does not get left in the dust and give a little coin so that they can keep doin’ what they do.

The Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation focuses its “do-goodery” on five program areas:
Towns: Building strong communities
Treads + Trails: Get outside and get after it!
Tunes: For your eyeholes and earholes
Love Yur Mama: Save the blue marble
Total CANarchy: UnCANventional projects that make a difference